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"We will wake up


to more green leaves

and dew

right in the teeth

of this wild world."

Louisa Loveridge Gallas

Louisa is a counselor, writer and educator
through her RiverLake Center on Milwaukee’s East Side.

Testimonials include:
“Perception, compassion, consummate skill
in guiding people to discover more about themselves.
Not intrusive yet knows the right questions.
A real Pro.”

A major part of her work is “Just Life Conversations,” a combination of discussion and body-centered approaches to dilemmas and stresses which may not require therapy but are nonetheless a tough spot to be in or manage on one’s own.

Based on Process Work, a leading-edge integrative training of Dr. Arnold Mindell and associates in Portland, OR, Louisa provides a refreshing and alternative approach to personal growth and confliction resolution.

Louisa is also a published prize-winning poet and “dynamic performer,” “a writer capable of recognizing the profound human truths and expressing them in language that is shimmering and fresh.”

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