Dear Louisa,

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the extraordinary editing job you did on my book "We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident....": An Interdisciplinary Analysis of The Roots of Racism and Slavery in America.

I know it was a daunting task at 451 pages. Given the interdisciplinary nature of this work, your social and literary background proved to be invaluable. Additionally, your social, political, and cultural sensitivity and insight made working with you a seamless and enjoyable experience. There were times when I felt overwhelmed by the breadth of my own undertaking, and it was at those times that your encouragement kept me going. This is why I felt it was necessary to write an acknowledgement to you in the text itself. Thank you again for all of your great work.

Sincerely Yours
Dr. Kenneth Addison




I found Louisa Loveridge Gallas to be very supportive to me as a first-time unpublished author. Critical in her editing, thorough and attentive to detail but always positive and helpful, her impeccable proof reading gave me a final draft with clarity while keeping my voice throughout the manuscript.
Stanley Joseph Bieda, author
Stella’s Barn: a memoir





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