Just Life Conversations**


Be yourself; everyone else is taken.

Oscar Wilde

• Feel Stuck? Searching?
Consider a discussion that lies between traditional therapy and simply talking to friends or family.
• Help Turn the Corner
Consult with a trained communicator who has a skilled outside perspective for the next step.
•A respected Tradition
It is a tradition in many cultures and tribes to seek out an experienced guide or elder.
•Ordinary Life
Just living has its rough dimensions: work problems/crises; illnesses, grief, the normal squabbles that family and friends get into; social pressures like sexism, racism and ageism.
•Release Regrets
Shift unproductive thoughts.
Become more resilient.
Reclaim your past.
•The Body Knows
Body-centered approaches to stress, distress and problem-solving.
•Cutting Edge Dream Work
A resource for direction in your inner life, career, relationships

** These services provided by RiverLake Center LLC do not diagnose or substitute for psychotherapy.

Just Life Conversations and the Body-Mind Connection
Along the way, sometimes we get stuck. Tough problems and confusions arise. Inner stresses or relationship issues do not ease. There seems to be no release. At this point, often the body’s information is too isolated from our cognitive insights. The mind may deeply understand relevant emotions and relationship dynamics. Yet our body continues to act on its own, unknowingly holding learned reactions. Result: struggle at subtle, elusive levels.

Connected with our body, the present moment comes more into focus. We can begin to make more decisions from there, harmonizing old and new patterns. I know. I’ve been there. That’s why I make sure that “Just Life Conversations” integrate the body-mind connection, an alternative approach to life’s stress and distress.

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"Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how light gets in."

Leonard Cohen

You’re in a tough spot—it’s ‘just life’ but still a difficult dilemma to handle.

Just Life Conversations: Sorting out Life with “perception, compassion, consummate skill, a real Pro.”

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•Specializes in personalized approaches to handling situations that may not require therapy but are tough to manage on your own.

•East Side Milwaukee Location
•Free Initial Consultation
•Negotiable Fees

•Feel Free to Call with Any Questions!

These services provided by RiverLake Center LLC do not diagnose or substitute for psychotherapy.

Post Masters: Dr. Arnold Mindell's Oregon Institute for 'Process Oriented Psychology'—an intensive two year program of study in alternative approaches to therapy, communication and conflict.
M.A. in education and contemporary literature
Prize winning poet, recognized performer, therapeutic arts educator, including Wisconsin Arts Board residencies in schools, half-way houses, treatment centers

What Others Say About Louisa
“Louisa listens not just to what you say, but to what goes un-said. Her questions and insights help unravel and reframe your viewpoint. Her sense of humor and lightness help you create a new story or metaphor from which to move forward.”
M.L., Information Technology Consultant

“Perception, compassion, consummate skill in guiding people to discover more about themselves. Not intrusive yet knows the right questions. A real Pro.” A.B., Professional Musician

“She provided a relaxing strong presence for all the members of our family. She helped us stay focused and authentic so we could all hear each other. A skilled, objective, supportive facilitator.”
M.M., Professional Mediator




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