Responses to Revelations on Longing Street

Louisa Loveridge Gallas helps me understand with every nerve
and molecule how the marvelous is interwoven with the humdrum of day to day events. The goosebumps of truth awaken and revitalize my sentient self: with word, cadence, image, I am reminded to forego cynicism and simply celebrate this wild ride called the human condition.

Louisa grooves on wit and wisdom, delighting with verbal riffs that ride life’s rhythms. Whether she’s celebrating the primordial ooze of mud, or looking straight on at love, longing, friendship, familial disappointment, regret and death, Gallas’ poems and
stories are truly revelations. Elfrieda Abbe, Free-lance Writer

A writer capable of recognizing the profound human truths
and expressing them in language that is shimmering and fresh.
I marvel at the wisdom and vivacity of her voice. Carole Vopat,
Ph.D, Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Word magician, musician, dynamic performer, healer, community activist, steward of a garden of delights, inspirational muse—her gifts to us are many and diverse; I’m deeply pleased that acollection of her poems is now among them. Harvey Taylor,
Poet and Musician

All images, artwork and text © 2011 Louisa Loveridge Gallas

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