"I loved this enchanted and enchanting book. Wise, witty, perceptive
and surprisingly moving, it wears its multicultural garb lightly. I
wouldn't be surprised if the writer were part wizard herself."
Joanne Weintraub

Dear Louisa, If The Wizard's Dream doesn't become a classic,
we are truly entering a second Dark Age. Thank you for the magic. Barbara Mikkelson, Artist

Louisa introduces us to the wizard who lives in each of us, who struggles with the mystery of all the contradictory stuff life throws at us. The holiday metaphor is brilliant, often a time of confusion and wonder. It's always reassuring to know you're not alone, and the wizard's journey through his own dark time is a reminder of distress, change and renewal. Recording artist, singer/songwriter Claudia Schmidt.

I'm sure many of us can see ourselves in Louisa's wizard as he confronts confusion and stumbles as he tries his wizardly twirls. It's brilliant to bring warmth, insight and healing to the Dark Time of winter, the literal one as well as the metaphorical [political] one and its enormous challenges. The block prints are also superb (Artist Sidney Manzanita). Harvey Taylor, Poet/Musician/Activist


























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